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RadTac.dll is busy after installing ver 7.1.2
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Località: Mariehamn
Nazione: Finland
RadTac.dll is busy after installing ver 7.1.2

I uninstalled ver 7.0 and then I instlled vers. 7.1.2 and restarted the comuter.
When I try to run the Administrator program, it says "File D:\RadTac.dll busy, it is necessary to exit from RADTAC Server program"

What can I do to fix this ?

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Località: Putignano
Nazione: Italy
RE: RadTac.dll is busy after installing ver 7.1.2

RadTac.dll is a authentication dll used by RadTac Service. If it is used, please control this point:

1) If any program use it. RadTac Server in SERVICE mode use it. If you start Service of Windows NT or 2000 not execute alse RadTac Service ON Desktop. RadTac Server on Desktop is tha same program in Service of Windows NT.

2) Stop all RadTac Server and delete dll in c:\radtac\
directory. After execute RadTac Administrator and in option select Modality (Internal Database or Windows NT or Windows 2000 modality). Close RadTac Admin. Now the program have generated new RadTac.dll in c:\radtac\ directory. NOT in c:\ directory. Now start RadTac Server on Desktop or on Service of Windows NT - 2000.

RadTac.dll is only in c:\radtac\ directory. RadTac Admin copy c:\radtac\radtac95.dll in radtac.dll if the modality is Windows 95-98-ME or RadTacNT.dll in RadTac.dll if you choise NT Modality.

Giuseppe Giardina
RadTac Develop Staff

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