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problem after reinstalling RadTac
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Località: Mariehamn
Nazione: Finland
problem after reinstalling RadTac

Hi !

The server I have RadTac 7.1.2 on crashed yesterday, I was able to copy out all files for RadTac.
I have now changed OS from NT 4 Server to 2000 Server, I coypied back the \RadTac - map to the new server, then I installed RadTac ontop of the "old" - files, and all data is intact but I cant get RadTac to work properly.

RadTac says this when a user trys to login:

DATABASE error: Cannot perform this on a closed dataset.

What is wrong ?
It would be nice if you could help me ASAP.

I run on NT validation mode and have added the global group in NT domain to local policy rights: Log on locally, Act as as part of the OS, Access the com puter from Network, Log on as a service and even added the group to the local "Administrators group"

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